Gardening is a healthy outdoor activity many of us have enjoyed all our lives yet, as we age, arthritis and other aches and pains rob us of this enjoyment. I wanted to bring a selection of ergonomic gardening tools to Port Hardy. The tools I wished to provide for participants to try were recommended by Occupational Therapists and not available in Port Hardy. Many seniors do not even know of their existence.

We have gardening days at our Community Garden and some people who come cannot garden at all or have very limited ability to participate. By making these tools available it will improve people's mental, emotional and physical health by giving them a social outlet. Currently we are focused mainly on vegetable gardens and I would want to continue that. There are however, neglected flower gardens outside the centre which would add much to the beauty of the neighbourhood if refurbished being a new interest in gardening.

My vision for this project was having people realize there are adaptive tools available and to see the ones I provide put to good use. At my event I saw the participants come alive as they reawakened an old passion.
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