Event Information:

Event Title: Indigenous Cooking Class
Event Date: October 26th and 27th, 2021
Coordinator: Breezie Meeches
Number of participants: 6

Description of the Event:
Explained to the group while cooking, that Bannock is more than just food; it has been bringing Indigenous people together for centuries. There are many different recipes for it, it just depends how people like it. We were restricted to only making fried Bannock because the space we were utilizing was not equipped with a kitchen.
Although the same contents were used for each person participating, the Bannock turned out differently for each person. All participants were able to take home their meal and any extra contents left over as in our culture when sharing a meal no food is to be wasted. Group had a good time and are hoping this can be offered again in the future.

Highlights of the Event:
Coming together as a group and learning how to make Bannock tacos.
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