Our project went amazing. We wanted to introduce youth to a new craft and showcase how arts can be a career focus. Originally, we opened up 6-8 seats for this workshop but we had 12 applicants right away so we decided to take them all so no-one missed the opportunity.
There were 2 of us teaching the workshop so we split the projects into 2 options; a necklace or a ring. The groups were manageable as 5 students on one project and 7 students for the other.
The workshop was held at my place of business, The Factory, located in Tofino, BC. We have a small jewellery studio located in the back of the shop for LF Jewellery.
The workshop started with an introduction into who we are, our studio and some of the tools and materials we use to make jewellery. We then split the groups and showed them the process for making their ring or necklace.
The students were all very engaged, with some wanting to try more hands on than others but everyone was at a slightly different stage so it gave everyone something to work on.
We allowed 2 hours for this workshop and it was pretty much perfect timing for a completed simple piece of jewellery. Many of the parents approached me afterward to say how much the students loved the process.
We were very pleased at the outcome and would love to host more workshops in the future.

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