It was gorgeously sunny on the rooftop garden patio of Kits Neighbourhood House, where beautiful iced teas and local treats waited to refresh the 40+ guests who attended the Kitsilano Garden Tea Party Saturday 27th June. Kitsilano residents of all ages mingled together, serenaded by the smooth jazz of local musicians Alex Kee, Gordon Coulson, Asa Wong, and Doreen and Mark Bender. 
The rooftop was buzzing with all kinds of interactions. Spread out all around guests chatted with local shop owners and one another surrounded by treats. In the corner people crafted paper flower hair pieces whilst others discovered the Kindness Card Movement. Huddled in the middle, groups of guests enjoyed the special rare tea tasting provided by tea sommelier Michael-Bryan.
With the goal of the Tea Party being to bring people together and celebrate the vibrant Kitsilano community, the day was declared a success when one of our guests announced “This has been the most wonderful day!” (Claire, we love you!).
We want to thank our generous local sponsors Granville Island Tea Co, Yellow Basket Bakery, Culprit Cafe, 05 Rare Tea Bar, Celsia Flowers, and Lucky’s Doughnuts. Your beautiful, wholesome goodies were the perfect catalyst to connection!
Special thanks to Randa Salloum for photographing the event! To see more of Randa’s work click HERE
A very special thank you to the Vancouver Foundation and Neighbourhood Small Grants for making this event and the friendships it began, possible!
Steph and Sarah
Kitsilano Garden Tea Party

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