Free Little Library for Children now at Kits Neighbourhood House
“Our vison is to promote literacy, promote the love of reading and bring neighbours and communities together. What better place to start than with children.”, said Wally Malinowski and Pam White, local volunteers who designed, built and installed Kits Neighbourhood House Free Little Library for Children.
This Free Little Library for Children itself is a piece of neighborhood art! Wally designed and built it in the style of the red public telephone box (sometimes called a telephone kiosk), which was a familiar site on the streets of the UK and other current and former British colonies around the world. The colour red was used to make the easy to spot. Wally even made sure that the box has the prominent crown emblazoned on the front of the “kiosk”.
Pam White, as Library steward, has registered Kits Free Little Library with the Free Little Library Association, a worldwide network of over 50,000 Little Free Libraries! As a charter member, Kits Free Little Library can access resources and support to ensure that it is enjoyed by many children in years to come.
Why a Free Little Library for Children? Early literacy skills are the foundation for future learning. Research has shown that the skills and capacity to learn that children develop by the age of 6 stay with them for a lifetime. (
Kits Free Little Library for Children was made possible by a Small Neighbourhood Grant (SNG) from the Vancouver Foundation. A big thank you also goes to Faith Greer, KNH, who assisted Pam and Wally with the administration of the SNG process and to Kidsbooks who donated children’s books to help get the library going – thank you very much!
Please drop by Kits Free Little Library for Children – outside Kits Neighbourhood House, 7th and Vine, Vancouver, BC, Canada – and take a book/donate a book.
Any questions? Please contact Pam White:

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