I am happy we have a great party on June 30 2019. Counting by the drink there have 80’s neighbor come to join us. No matter they didn’t stay long or just ask some questions and not willingness to join as a “block watch member” if they are Alexandra Court Residents. We still have 35 signed on the paper, and we can other 2 buildings set up a “Block Watch Group”.
Our Neighbor just facing our complex, the completion date is August 2019, 2 different groups people walk by and ask about what is block watch, how to prevention crime and how a Council member can help on there community. For me sit in 4 years as a Council member, what problems or troubles we have, means the neighborhood will have the same things. I am happy share our tips and prevention methods.
I hope our area as a start point to be the lowest criminal area.
Cheer everyone.

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