On the afternoon of August 18, 2018, neighbours from Langton Court came out in great numbers to celebrate our townhouse complex neighbourhood! There was food for all tastes and a talented balloon artist who entertained young and old alike! The youngest neighbour was 4 and the eldest neighbour in her 80’s. We had BBQ chefs grilling up hot dogs and burgers while others contributed salads, desserts, cake and snacks. We played “Neighbour Bingo” where you had to ask questions to a neighbour and try to fill your card with correct matches. The clues provided by neighbours were a small fact about themselves. We had fun playing the game and getting acquainted with one another. Prizes were kindly donated by Save-On Foods, Takeya Sushi and White Spot Restaurants. Two of the highlights were seeing a set of new neighbours who had yet to formally move in, who not only attended but brought food to share. One neighbour, the mother with a child on the spectrum, discovered that the resident in the townhouse across from her is a specialist in autistic education for children! She was thrilled to meet her and know that someone as resourceful as her neighbour was literally only steps away to help! It is these kinds of connections that make neighbourhood parties worth every minute of planning. Everyone came away from the gathering feeling good about knowing each other’s faces and names. I heard many positive comments about our event and that we should do this more frequently!

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