Our community Mural painting took place on the 12th,13th and 14th of September 2018 at the corner of Lansdowne and No 3 Rd. It attracted around 150 diverse community members and so much artistic action that Richmond News dedicated the front page to it. Basically the idea was to beautify the north facing wall of the industrial building. There is a lot of foot and car traffic in the neighbourhood and the wall is even visible from the sky train station. It made a lot of sense to make the plain looking corner interesting and esthetically pleasing to all who pass by it every day.
The theme was “Richmond Through The Ages”, with three big panels depicting the past, present and future of the Lansdowne plateau including the fishing industry, the old horse racing track and Canada Line Scenes. Participants and staff of the local community inclusion program took the lead in organizing the event. They sourced materials, connected with local businesses and advertised the event around the community. A local artist Bobae Kim contributed her vision and supervised the project.
Over the course of a couple of days diverse community members and groups joined in, picked up a brush and made their mark. Some people passing by dropped in, while others came in organized groups. This included local community police officers and volunteers as well as international students from Kwantlen College. They all mingled and contributed immensely to making a beautiful mural with intricate detailing and coloring.
The event created the fun atmosphere where every community member was welcome to join in, socialize and create valuable art for all Richmond to enjoy.

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