What to do with your empty milk cartons, clear glass jars, juice jugs,tin cans, ice cream buckets? Why not make a homemade lantern to celebrate “Night of All Souls”. Last Saturday October 18th South Hill Neighbour celebrated for the second year a full afternoon of arts and crafts at the Lantern Workshop event. Bring on the tissue paper, balloons,string, scissors,markers, LED lights, wire, coloured tape and lotsa lotsa glue! Presto- an original handmade lantern. The neighbourhood was invited, and the neighbourhood showed up! kids, families, couples, grandparents, friends, came to inspire and be inspired on a sunny fall day. We estimated that over 100 neighbours showed up, ages 5 years and up to 50 at least, throughout the afternoon crafting session. That was more than last year! This workshop took place at Mountain View Cemetery. We gathered to create and enjoy while making connections with friends and neighbours. A week later the lantern makers gathered again on a rainy evening to walk and sing together from McDonald park to the Mountain View Cemetery on the” Night of All Souls”. This event was possible thanks to the Neighbourhood Small grants contribution and the commitment and enthusiasm of the neighbourhood leaders and all the community involved. Well done South Hill!

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