Thank you so much for the Neighborhood Small Grant. As planned, we have used this grant to pay for ongoing weekly room rentals at the McMillan Arts Centre. After COVID we felt it was important to offer our free meditation classes in person. That is why we have been renting – on a weekly basis- a space that is central and known to our community. We are paying $ 40 per week for a 2-hour room rental which adds up to a minimum of $ 160 per month. The grant money was spent for the first ten classes and, to continue, we are still using our own personal funds. We are now a small group of eight meditators, and we hope that this group will grow as time goes on.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation benefits our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and is always taught free. Allan and I have been meditating since 1983 and teaching in BC since 1987. The simple and effective meditation techniques are accessible to modern day needs of people from all walks of life; they allow us to master stress and achieve balance in every aspect of life.

For more information you can reach us at (250) 954-5040, or via email: You can also find us on our website and on Meetup and Facebook:

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