Little Green Thumbs started when i volunteered at a nearby community garden. Some kids join our gardening every now and then. Some kids are just natural with little insects and worms. Some have concerns, but a couple of them have big issues – crying and screaming and running away! prompting parents to keep their kids at home rather than join the garden fun!
 With my 2-yr old grandson, I started him out early, looking for worms and treating these creatures gently, just like a baby friend. He eventually got used to small creatures, loving butterflies, ants, spiders, bees and yes, worms became his favourite (and his mom’s dreaded creature)!
 Then I met Evelyn, who loves to garden and runs a day care center. i offered to partner with her to be able to expose more kids to gardening in the neighborhood at a very young age.
Our Project:
We got some seed money to start with soil, seeds, seedlings creative activities. soon we had patches of vegetables (which we could share with neighbors too),  and flowers for our children to touch and appreciate. on bright afternoons, we had coloring sheets and markers prepared for them to do, copying the colors of nature, while enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and  garden. we also gave out seedlings in cans, hoping their parents will continue to show gardening interests with their kids. 
 As the summer winds up, so does our little project, yet I am sure the kids had a great experience and transmitting this same excitement to their parents! 
 Nitz Carvajal   
 ….”.it is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities…” JK Rowling

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