I love gardening as I grew up with a beautiful garden in my backyard which was created by my parents specially my beloved father who was very passionate about gardening .
I would like to say that I always inspired by him ❤️.
It was my dream to make my own garden also make something for children who are living in my neighborhood.
Finally One day me and my husband planed to make our boulevard garden although we did not have even shovel to dig I should stop here and really want to say thanks to my God who helpS me on every step by giving me helping hands like firstly we borrow shovel from our building manager and started on boulevard in front of our building while we were doing this my neighbor came to me and guide me more About gardening also she guided us how to apply small Neighbourhood grant
I really want to appreciate and say thanks to her as she helped me a lot .
We got small grant and started to make our project named “Little princess garden “ in June .
My husband did very hard work if say I couldn’t do anything without him it would be true as we live in building no water hose outside everyday he fills bucket from laundry room to watering plants although while we doing this hard work all my dear neighbors offered me to fill bucket from their hose .
Finally With the help of Al Mighty God and with all my helping hands completed my project on July 20th 2020
We really grateful to north park neighborhood for approval of small grant for my project.
I want to dedicate this little garden to my beloved father as I believe “Planting a tree is continued charity “.
Thanks to my readers
Saira khan
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