This project was about sharing Home Canning skills with people in our neighbourhood and beyond. The NSG Program Coordinator at Gordon Neighbourhood House helped refine my application. Other staff at Gordon House helped me to spread the word about the Online canning class. I also shared info in some food security and menu planning Groups on Facebook and talked to people in person about the class. 14 people emailed me to inquire, 12 registered, and 8 actually attended. Some of those who missed the online workshop emailed later to apologize. With permission from all attendees, I recorded the session. After, I sent a link to the recording and included the resource pages (recipes, instructions, etc.) again.

It was really, really great to “meet” people that I had only known through email. And some folks were excited to be making pickles very soon.

Thank you to the NSG program for funding this important virtual neighbourhood gathering.


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