I decided to run an event in my neighbourhood because it is very much an all renter community and these days people don’t seem to talk to each other and I was hoping to find out some of the issues people were having in the community.
I decided to have a block party and hopefully bring people together and show a sense of community. We weren’t sure what to expect in attendance as people are somewhat standoffish in Vancouver these days. However I was pleasantly surprised and was very well received and welcomed with open arms.
I was given a small grant to run the party and funds were limited. We blocked off the street with help from the City of Vancouver. We rented speakers and a hotdog cart, set up a photo booth, and handed out lemonade and iced tea. It was a big hit as many people were very surprised and happy to see things happening in this community. Many people from all walks of life and different cultures showed up and took part. We even had someone who just moved here from India come out and ask how he could help. We expected 30-50 people but were surprised with over 175 people in foot traffic alone. Even the Marpole NDP Candidate showed up to show support. We ended up with people ranging from 1-83 years old.
We asked the local businesses about donations for prizes and many generous donations were made on behalf of the local businesses in the way of gift cards/certificates.
At the end of the day it was a great event and I look to make it bigger and better next year if I am able to secure another grant from the city and continue to build on what we have started.

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