We organized an consultation session on Marpole Community Day, when we could meet a lot of people, including long-time residents and new immigrants who were willing to share their experiences and memories in the area. The session drew a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and age groups of people for an informal encounter and discussion. The findings were our inspiration for the map, entitled ‘Marpole Walk’. It is a unique creation because it is based on the grassroots experience. Multiple copies of the maps are in the process of printing. We are currently organizing a session to hand out the map and to introduce our project, tentatively at the Marpole Library, by end of October. Imu and Josephine were the organizers for the project, with Soo Lei providing supports, especially on graphics and design of the map. The challenges tend to be the translation of experience into graphical information that can be compiled into a map. The surprise is everything seems to happen on beautiful sunny days!

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