McCrimmon Street Neighbourhood Canada Day Celebration
The purpose was to bring together neighbors that would otherwise not get together due to time constraints and schedules to meet each other, talk and make great neighborhood connections. A secondary goal was for neighbors to meet and talk about what is going great in our neighborhood and what needs some improvement.
Neighborhoods that are cohesive and neighbours that look out for each other create great neigborhoods. I believe that even just knowing each others names humanizes each other and gives us a reason to look out for each other. Knowing our neighbors creates a community where we know what is going on (Petty crime, etc.) and makes us more likely to treat each other with respect and dignity.
On Canada Day we invited all neighbours within approximately 500 meters of 34054 McCrimmon to join us to celebrate Canada Day. We want to have a gathering where we are able to meet all neighbors and start discussions around safety and community beautification. We had a brunch, as well as a bouncy castle for the large amount of children in the neighborhood.
This project fits perfectly into the category of Community connections as it invites all neighbours regardless of socio economic status to get together, share a meal and have common ground. Neighbors connecting make good neighborhoods.
We held a brunch consisting of:
-Crepes with all sorts of toppings
-Local Baking
-Cold Brew Coffee
-Regular Coffee
-Sweet snack
We wanted the kids to be involved so we hosted a bicycle rally/ parade where each child decorated their bike in Canada Day colours; there was great participation from the kids!
We rented a bouncy castle at a discount from Mike’s Ruckus Rentals and the kids loved it! There were no injuries to speak of either. We asked may of the local businesses from downtown Abbotsford to contribute gifts for door prizes and we received approximately $300 worth of gifts from the businesses including:
-Little & Lively
-Oldhand Coffee
-Fieldhouse Brewing
-Mint and Moss
-Lepps Farm Market
We had 3 local volunteers who helped cook breakfast all with FoodSafe certification and managed by Jordan West who has previous experience owning and operating a restaurant for 6 years.
The day was amazing and really brought the neighbourhood together! We started a Facebook group for the neighbourhood and so far have 30 people who have joined and thus far have been able to communicate about any issues going on! As well people have used the group as a social forum and there have been many impromptu coffees and dinners that have happened!

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