We are a new community in New Westminster.  There are 36 Town House units  in our complex and we all moved in between July 2014 and March 2015. Everyone moved in from different areas (as far away as Prince George and as close as Burnaby).  As a new strata, we wanted to have everyone get to know each other.  So, we decided to host a Meet and Greet for our 36 units.  We invited everyone in 4 different ways: a “Reserve this Date” note, a hand delivered invitation, a posted reminder on the mailboxes and then an Evite reminder.  We invited homeowners to become part of the working group or to contribute, in some small way, to the success of the event.  We provided print information on our new community (supplied by the Queensborough Recreation Center, City Hall and the library).  We created a party atmosphere and supplied a BBQ lunch and also had prize draws every 15 minutes. We invited the developers and the realtor and both came.  Our review meeting felt this was a success and recommended some new ideas or changes for next year’s event.  We will report on those ideas at the February meeting.  Thank you to Maylen Crespo for her wonderful support and to the Vancouver Foundation for making this an easy event to host by supplying both funding and ongoing support.  It was a great starting point in building community for our complex and in helping people to think about being a welcoming community and to being contributing members to that community.

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