Meet, Mend, Make occurred on October 14th 2023. It was a day of reflection and action on Climate.

Meet = The day started with a Climate Cafe where we spoke about our perspectives and observations around climate in a nonjudgmental space, we enjoyed tea and home made cake.

Mend = We transitioned as a group with some new folks joining to the Lake Country Art house where we had gathered clothes mending materials. Each person brought their own projects to work on, some had vast experience and some were just starting out. Everyone shared what they knew about stitching and some showcased projects. We are planning to hold regular mending sessions from January 2024.

Make = As part of the event community members were invited to create a climate themed sculpture.

The sculpture began as a conversation about climate and consumerism, the group that came together were inspired by the materials on hand. A large sink, some natural materials and man-made materials. The concept that came together was that our capitalistic culture of consuming was being sucked into the whirlpool of the sink and then transformed into a return to the natural environment. Taking only what we need and leaving the rest.

Many hands and minds came together to make the sculpture, instantaneously the materials and people inspired each aspect, with the collective building the concept of transformation. The work in its completed form shows the precariousness of our predicament, as we transform from our old ways to new ways of living and consuming. Those viewing the work are encouraged to ponder consumer culture? How can we transform as humans to an equilibrium where the more than human world is valued and given as many rights as our own?

Artists and contributions included, Suzanne C, Junko, Paul L, Eddie B, Katherine, Joanne, Shauna, Alison B, Pippa DV and many more comments and ideas that helped guide the work.

We learned that many are curious about climate and are looking for places and spaces to connect and create. As what can sometimes be a taboo subject for many or those working on climate issues can feel alone in their efforts. The day generated much conversation and as the sculpture will continue to be outside the gallery until early 2024 it has created conversation for passers by and gallery visitors alike.

Neighbourhood grants offer such flexible options it was great to be able to bring this to our community.

Pippa Dean-Veerman and Alison Beaumont Artists and facilitators of Meet, Men’s, Make

Here is a link to a downloadable PDF report
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