Hello. My name is Jordan! I am the Youth Rep for the BC Métis Federation (BCMF). This is my first project in getting my Métis community together since the beginning of Covid-19. I felt that there was a big disconnection within the Métis community because of Covid-19. My goal was to bring Métis people together including Métis children. The NSG and my Métis community board members would assist me in making this happen. On June 25 2023 (Also on my Birthday!) The Métis gathering would be celebrating National Indigenous Day at Lakelse Lake at the Furlong Bay Campground. We had set everything up including band music and Métis cultural games that have been around for 200 years. we had Métis members come from Kitimat and Terrace area. Everyone had a good time. We even had a some people stop by and listened to the Métis play their Instruments. I tried to plan Métis gathering at the lake and MaXXed out family fun on the same day but unfortunately MaXXed out training had to move it for the next day. The next day comes around and I now host the event along with the MaXXed out employees. We had a dozen Métis children attend the event though the event could host a total of 18 participants. I decided to have those extra spots filled by children that were in the mall and were welcome to attend the métis event for free. This helped fill those extra spots otherwise would have been wasted. I learned how to make use of the MaXXed out family fun event despite being short on participants at the start. So overall the project went well. I would like to thank the NSG for helping me make this happen!
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