Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in china that celebrates the autumn harvest. It can also be called the Moon Festival. What my partner and I did was a registration required mini festival that welcomes all age groups. We had various dishes set to fit both vegetarians and meat lovers of all backgrounds for the main course, including traditional Chinese dishes, pizza, and sushi. For the snacks, a participant baked some mooncakes and cakes and bread. And for drinks we had bottled water.
     Along with the food, one of the most important parts of our project was the craft station. We had volunteers come out and help us make 20 mini lanterns that people can decorate with glitter, stickers, and fake jewels. We also put out some coloring sheets and activities related to the festival. And of course, kids were allowed to make whatever they want. 
     We did take some photos, but all of them exceeded the 2MB size, so we were unable to upload them here. But our event attracted around 40 people.

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