It was on a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon that our neighbourhood Block Party took place! The event was a great success with over 20 families attending, totalling more than 50 people!

It was wonderful to see our neighbours and friends after 2 years of the COVID pandemic and social distancing! With food selections from both Asian and Western flavours, sponsored by our Neighbourhood Grant, many of us were able to relax and enjoy the time reconnecting with one another. There was much laughing, chatting, dancing and even a spontaneous Tai-Chi session. However, my favourite part of the party was having the opportunity to share with all the participating families the Emergency preparedness booklets and information, which I otherwise would not have as good of a turnout. I firmly believe the more each of us is prepared for the unexpected, the more we can help ourselves and our neighbors when disaster hits.

Even though lots of hard work went into applying for the grant, budgeting and preparing for the party ahead of the date, seeing how everyone enjoyed and rekindled the closeness of our neighborhood community throughout this event made all the time and effort more than worthwhile! There were many compliments and happy emails received after the Block Party and so it encourages me to try to replicate it again next year!

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