The Mt Moberly and Mt Symons blocks of Coldstream got together on June 26 for an amazing block party! A taco buffet fed the neighbors while they tried their luck at some mini-golf and ring toss. A pet parade allowed the neighborhood furry friends to be part of the action! The neighbors mostly mingled peacefully until a Street BINGO competition had them facing off for a fierce competition to see how quickly they could fill their board by figuring out which neighbor spoke 2 languages, had traveled to Africa, or had the most grandchildren! The party was capped off by a visit from the local ice cream truck which brought nostalgia for the older participants and pure excitement for the kids.  To give back to the community, the neighbors collected donations of gift cards ($850) and goods (valued at over $1000) to give to families from the Ukraine newly arrived to Vernon. We’re already planning for next year!

Best quote by an elderly neighbor “my whole life, I’ve always wanted to be invited to a block party!”

Project Leader: Kathryn Hluchy (organized by the entire neighbourhood as a collaborative event!

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