For thirteen years we have been organizing workshops in various cities. We have supplied kits to children and taught them not only a hobby but also a skill that they will require when they leave home.
When people come to Canada they bring photographs, clothing, and other items. The last things they are able to bring are children’s toys. When they arrive here, parents need to find a home, employment, and perhaps a car for transportation. Toys for the children are low on the priority list. Our thought was, “why just give a toy when you can give a kit” and teach them a hobby.
In thirteen years we have held forty eight workshops, had over nine hundred children attend and have given out over fifteen hundred kits worth approximately seventeen thousand dollars.
One of the things that surprised me was the number of girls that attend the workshops. In the beginning I thought cars and boys were a natural combination. Not so. One third of the children that attend are girls are probably due to their interest in arts and crafts. The girls are equal level with the boys.
Last year our event was in December. We gave every children a Santa hat, and looking over the tables with thirty children working on their models, they looked like elves at the North Pole.
This year our event was held in August. It was held outside and the Steveston Communtiy Centre contributed a BBQ with hot dogs and drinks for the children.

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