Taking a break from our digital lives, board gaming is an inherently social hobby, with people getting together to play old favorites or this months hottest new title.
We’ve started a monthly board game Meetup in Marpole. Marpole Meeples aims to give gamers a space to share their hobby with other gamers in the community, as well as inviting new people into the hobby. Our first two events had 30 gamers at each one, with a huge selection of modern games to choose from, either provided by the host or brought by some of the attendees.
Our next event is happening on July 13th, at St. Augustine’s Church Hall on Hudson Street, from 7pm to 10:30. We’re open to all, and look forward to reading you some great games! Please come check us out at https://www.meetup.com/marpolemeeples/events/251818402/ to learn lots more and see more photos!

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