The funding you provided allowed us to launch the Quadra Mushroom Project with great success. We learned a lot and inspired each other to start growing edible mushrooms. Twenty people/families from the Quadra Island community learned how to prepare and inoculate beds for growing mushrooms. The next day they picked up all the supplies needed to get going, and then went home and created their own Wine Cap mushroom beds.

Allan Mandell led an online workshop with photos and excellent information about mushroom biology and garden mushroom cultivation. The next day we had a covid-friendly pick up site set up at the Quadra Community Centre for two hours. Michael Foort drove his old diesel pickup to Campbell River and returned with a full load of alder chips donated by Greenways Land Trust. Wood chips and straw were distributed on pick-up day, along with mushroom spawn. Carol Foort was at the gate greeting folks and giving directions, and collecting signatures for the photo release and phone numbers for Covid tracing.

Feedback from participants was positive across the board. Conversations and connections from this workshop continue throughout our community, much like tendrils of mycelium. In fact, a second co-op order has already taken place with 11 people/families participating. This time we ordered several strains of Oyster mushrooms, and Lions Mane and Shitakes.

The photo enclosed is of the Wine Cap shroom bed in my garden. I have more photos to add but this program appears to allow only one photo to be uploaded.

Thank you all for supporting us in this mushroom growing adventure. We’ll send photos in the fall when our beds begin fruiting.
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