Another Great Day in Vancouver
Eddie is known by many for his charm and outgoing personality.   He is extremely friendly and can often be heard saying things like “Hello Beautiful!” and “Let’s talk for a minute” to people he meets throughout the day.  These gifts were especially appreciated during the “My Great Day in Vancouver” event that neighbours hosted as part of the 100 in 1 Day citizen festival on June 7th.
 At Mount Pleasant Park, we gathered together paint, brushes and markers and a set up a large wooden canvas to invite people to draw, paint or write a story about a great day that they have had in our city.  We also had coffee and lemonade to create a welcoming place for people to chat and get to know each other better as they added their story.
 Eddie’s was the welcome committee:  offering people drinks as they walked or biked by and telling them about our project.  His smile and invitation must have been hard to turn down since he helped to attract over 100 people for a conversation and participation. 
Neighbours young and old enjoyed talking to Eddie and engaging him in stories.  At this event which celebrated the beauty and vibrancy of the city, having Eddie, a 78 year old man who has lived here most of his life was definitely a highlight. The end result was a beautiful mural and another great day in Vancouver for many.
This event was sponsored by a Neighbourhood Small Grant.
Submitted by Joe Erpenbeck

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