Our Steveston townhouse complex had a very successful block party on Labor Day weekend to celebrate the end of the summer. After over 2 years of struggling with Covid and having many families work in the front line during the pandemic, we were in much need of a get-together to rekindle friendships and meet new neighbours. Originally, we had intended to use the allocated funds to cater a dinner for families who could attend, but the aspect of collecting RSVPs proved to be challenging. Instead of a catered dinner, we set up a pop-up ice cream stand with Earnest Ice Cream treats for everyone. We made signs to advertise our event and spread the word by mouth to our neighbours. We had a great turnout of many families, and we were able to give jars of ice cream to families who were unable to attend. We have a neighbourhood complex with many young children, so it was fantastic to see everyone running around and playing in the neighbourhood. Plus, Who doesn’t like ice cream!? Thank you for this opportunity to truly feel like a close-knit community again. We are greatly appreciative.

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