Our goal was to get more people in our community connected and familiar with one another. After forming the first ever Block Watch community of over sixty families in our neighbourhood, we decided to plan a potluck lunch. A committee of 5 neighbours planned the event and there was an outreach to other neighbours for support with; poster making, organizing the food and inviting neighbours that didn’t speak English.
In support of the potluck even we received donations from some local merchants such as Starbucks and Steveston Pizza. We also had a DJ bring lively music to the party, a grandson of one of the neighbours. The kids set up a hockey net and we had young and old playing street hockey as well.
The potluck drew 100 people out to one of our cul-de-sacs where we shared hang shakes, stories, and good food. The goal of getting more neighbours familiar with one another and interested in keeping an eye out for each other was certainly achieved!

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