The Oakridge Seed Etc library was born from my newly discovered interest in gardening and collecting seeds. As a newish interior designer (@be.elle.interiors), I wanted a project that brings together my love of design with a project for the community. I love how the cycle of life continues for plants in the form of seeds and how they keep giving and giving. And what better way to bring together people in the community who grow and/or enjoy plants in the neighbourhood than to provide a space to share seeds and other gardening-related items? Even the young (or young-at-heart) can participate by creating pet rocks for the garden to share or taking one home!

This project involved many helping hands, including our contractor Paul and Dom of Geography Contracting and my brother-in-law John plus a few others! Even though the seed library was a simple design, similar to the design of our house, there were many steps involved and a lot of hard work. A few delays due to bad weather delayed the completion of the library, kind of like what happens in a real house! Extra special thanks to NSG for the grant funding to help buy the materials. This little building is so well-made, I hope that it will stand for a long, long time.

I have enjoyed seeing people come by to see what special seeds etc are in the library and even to leave donations to share. This is such a great initiative by NSG to encourage a sense of community, no matter how small. I think the impact is immeasurable! Thank you again.


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