This was a neighbourhood Pot Luck Dinner to get neighbours together just to know who each other are. It was lighter living pot luck so neighbours were requested to bring vegetarian or at least non-red meat dishes, walk or bike ride to the event, bring their own non-disposable plates and utensils and avoid non recyclable garbage. Juices were provided and a Paella was prepared at the event.
About 25 people attended which we felt was a bit low for the size of the neighbourhood and the number of invitations sent out. Perhaps people were a bit nervous or too busy to bring their vegetarian/non-red meat food. Perhaps the September weekend was a bit late in the summer to hold the event.
One generous neighbour offered to cook paella and another very generous neighbour offered to pay for the seafood ingredients of the paella. There was a huge amount of delicious food available for all who came. Many ziplock bags of paella were taken home for leftover treats.
A neighbour who was a frisbee champion put on a demonstration of his skills (awesome). Everyone crowded around to watch. A newly moved in neighbour couple attend to meet people and were warmly welcomed. The paella making was a bit messy and several neighbours picked up the mops and brooms to cleanup the facility afterwards. There were only 2 small bits of garbage the rest is in my recycle boxes to go to the depot Good community spirit and friendships were fostered by the event.
I sent out paper invitation door to door but I don’t think they were too effective. Next time we will use a sign on the road near the event location as the whole neighbourhood has to pass by that location coming and going. I learned to trust neighbours more to step up to provide food (paella for everyone) and entertainment. It was nice to see neighbours welcoming new arrivals into the neighbourhood. I think the food choices can’t be too restrictive or complex or people are intimidated and won’t come. we should have worked harder at making the event easy to come to. We’ll do it again next year with a few tweaks.
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