On November 13th we hosted a mural party in Ok Falls. Our idea was to create two large plywood murals with the theme of, “What does community means to you?” and put them up in a public place for all residents and visitors to see. We set up up the boards so everybody could work on the mural at the same time. We offered organic food and live music and about 35 to 40 people attended this event. We had generous donations by Rona for the plywood, some paint and KJ Coffee Bar supplied organic coffee. We also had lots of support from Kim English and the staff at the RDOS.
The outcome felt positive, to come together, get to know more local residents and be creative together. People enjoyed participating and mixing the paint. The kids got involved and created some of their own art on the boards.
Thanks to all those who helped make this event possible!
Looking forward to the prospect of hosting another event next year.
Sincerely, The Ok Falls team!

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