This project was extremely fun to work on with my school-aged daughter. She has a passion for dogs, loves sharing information and finds happiness providing for and connecting with others. After seeing such enthusiasm on school grounds from children and adults who love dogs, our mission was to share information on how to safely greet a dog.

We created an information kit with safety tips on how to greet a dog, which was provided kindly by the BC SPCA and included a dog toy for various sized dogs. We advertised this to members of her school community through the weekly newsletter with support of the administration team.

The topics of equality and diversity frequently comes to mind when brainstorming ways to be inclusive. In the early stages of brainstorming, we realized there must be an even bigger impact connecting with community than just simply reaching out to dog owners. To ensure that anyone would be eligible for an information kit, we not only connected with dog owners, but also to members of the community who wish to connect with dogs at a park because let’s face it, dog owners interact with the community and dog lovers of all ages who don’t own dogs love greeting dogs!

By giving out a fun dog toy and disseminating knowledge about safe ways to greet a dog, everyone wins.

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