In South Vancouver, we gathered on a winter evening to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with a community dinner featuring ingredients from coast to coast. An inviting “log cabin” feeling was created by the smells of yummy foods, and decorating with strings of lights and candles. Forty five of us, young and old, donned our best toques (there were some good ones!) and plaid or Hockey Jersey attire.
We started the evening with a heart-warming rendition of O Canada. This was followed by a wonderful made-from-scratch meal that was intentionally selected for it’s Canadian heritage: for instance Tourtiere (Quebec), Maritime mussels (PEI) ,and locally harvested venison. Many of the neighbours commented on either not knowing the Canadian-ness of treats like Butter Tarts (Ontario), and tonight trying for the first time Tourtiere and Venison and Bison meat! We also enjoyed a selection of more Canadian treats such as homemade Nanaimo Bars, pink cream soda, Hawkin’s Cheezies and Smarties!
Later on, for fun, people teamed up to be challenged by the Canadian trivia game.
I think everyone who attended did not know what exactly to expect but we created a fun looking flyer, and handed some to neighbours or sent them attached to a personal email invite .
Even the neighbours we did not know well surprised us with their enthusiastic “Yes” replies! How often do you get invited to a community meal on a Saturday night, with no agenda other than to meet more of your neighbours, share a good meal ( like really good!) and celebrate our Canadian-ness?
We all left the event on that chilly evening with full stomachs, glowing hearts, and an appreciation of being united as Canadian neighbours.

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