Thanks to the grants of NSG and support of RCRG, on July 16, 2022, we had a very successful swap market/party in our neighborhood. Over 50 neighbors or passengers were attracted to our event to swap, make new friends, and have fun.

The party started with a beautiful Guzheng music instrument performance. And then, neighbors brought their decluttered household items to the project leader for customized tickets with which they could trade for others’ stuff they needed. These cool tickets could also be used for the games of Quiz for Prize, and Ring Toss held throughout the party. Meanwhile, free workshops of Rock Painting and Chinese Calligraphy were offered for those who wanted to do some art. And when one felt like a break, they could always come to the drinks & snacks booth for a nice chat with an old or new friend.

It was a busy party, with so many activities happening at the same time. However, it was an “easy“ party, because so many neighbors became volunteers for each other. Every swap booth was taken good care of, snacks and drinks were served with extra caution of safety, workshops were guided by experienced neighbors, games had volunteer hosts taking turns to let each other take a rest…The participation and involvement of everyone made the party a huge success and the neighborhood closer and more connected.

In the end, the smiles and wonderful memories tell us it is all worth the efforts!

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