FHT basketball club was founded 5 years ago in Faser Heights community, Surrey. FHT currently has more than 25 members whose ages are in 7 to 55. The club holds one basketball game every week and BBQ in summer.
FHT members practice actively and make teamwork on the court. Besides basketball execise, all club members build great friendship as a team. The members come from different countries and cultures and always help each other. In addtion, all members share the infomation in daily life, kids’ education, family issues, job opportunity, community infomation and etc in this small community. Everyone gets benefits from this. 3 members got better job from this valued information.
FHT welcomes new friends from local community and grow every year. In 2019, FHT got 3 new members and we expect more to come in the near future.
All FHT club members enjoy the games and in the mean time thank for the small grant funding from Neighbourhood Hub Society. The small grant not only gives the club great opportunity to have fun and grow , but bring all people and cultures together.
FHT plans to connect more people and hold more activities in the community. We’d like to share our great experience.
The last, more funding connects more people, more people make bigger community and strong cultures.
Appreciate the great funding from Neighbourhood Hub Society again. We are honoured in 2019.

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Neighbourhood Small Grants

We believe the best people to effect change in a community are the ones within it. And when we can make money less of an issue in doing so, it allows so many more kinds of ideas to shine.

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