Our Zoom event has two times. the first has been taken place on February 16th morning 10:00 Am-11:20 Am on the zoom; this day was after the fifth day of Chinese New Year. the second was on February 26th it is the Chinese Lantern Festival. There were about 20 people who attended the Zoom evens, they are mainly Chinese seniors over the age of 70. We celebrated Chinese New Year and the Chinese Lantern Festival. We wish each other a happy new year and festival and wish them peace luck and healthy. We all encourage each other, we must be firm in our confidence to defeat COVID-19.

We didn’t see each other for a long time during the COVID-19. This meeting provided a good plat of meeting together.
We talk about the covid-19 and how to do to care health and safety during the covid-19. Finally, some people sang some very popular operas. We felt happy very and thanks to the Vancouver Foundation and Oak Avenue Neighborhood Hub society for supporting our events.
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