My event took place on 22th of May, 2021, from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. There were over 60 people who knew my project after I did the publicity of my project. However, There were 25 seniors and people with disabilities who attended the Zoom event. I think some people were not good at accessing computers, so they could not attend the Zoom meeting. It was a pity.

I have shared some pictures of the dishes I made in advance with the ingredients that Chinese people were not familiar with within the event. I explained the way of cooking while I showed the pictures at that time.

People in the Zoom meeting were very interested in it and asked me a lot of questions about the dishes. Some of them said it was good to know! Some of them said they will cook the dishes as I was taught. Some of them said they want to study western groceries from now on. My event could be harboured a sense of our community with people who attended the event.

Yesterday (May 26th), I passed the gifts that I purchased by using the NSG fund to people who attended my event last Saturday outside my apartment building, practicing social distance.

We very much appreciated the NSG program for giving us the chance to get together and learn some western culture and to support us to get amazing gifts.
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