We are honoured to be able to live on the on the traditional unceded territories of the K’omoks Nation.

This fall we were able to share in a space focused on Self Compassion. Here, through the expressive arts in an online format, we were able to come together, create connections with one another, share about how we were really doing on an intimate level. Something that we haven’t all had access to during the past few years.

Self-Compassion also isn’t something that always comes easy to us. It can take some work and teasing out of us. It’s much easier to offer compassion to others. Through taking the time to really meet one another, to really hear, witness and reflect one another we were able to create deepen connections, both to ourselves and to others. Through slowly warming up to one another, doing some light movement and stretching, we woke up our bodies so that we could settle in and feel comfortable. Then we experienced a guided meditation, writing, sharing, drawing in order to explore and deepen our connections to one another, to the environment and to the theme of Self-Compassion.

A participant shared:

“I really appreciate this workshop as a caringly facilitated and accepting space that helped me to connect with a sense of compassion for myself. It flowed from exploration to creation and connection in a way that felt really nurturing and affirming. Thank you Holly! ”

Thank you Neighbourhood Small Grants and to the Comox Valley Community Foundation for the opportunity to have this time and space to focus in on ourselves and to be able to do so in community.
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