The project went great – we had eight participants joining the virtual workshop and everyone was able to choose their painting prior to the event.

The project was to provide an opportunity for people who are interested in oil painting but have no or limited experience to paint. We provided the complete oil painting kit, including the pigment, canvas and brushes that are necessary for painting. The event was held virtually on Zoom and painting kits were distributed to the participants prior to the event.

During the Zoom meeting, we asked each participant to introduce themselves and share something interesting about them. Some of the participants also shared their experience in painting and why they chose to attend the workshop. The painting workshop lasted 2 hours and some participants continued to paint and finish the painting on the same day.

At the end, we had finished oil paintings that participants shared with us via email/ pictures. The participants got to keep their painting and they could either frame or hang their painting at home as a home decoration. This workshop also encouraged people to paint together and have this time to connect with other people living in Richmond with similar interests.

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