This project was intended to bring seniors together during arts & culture weeks to paint at their local Senior Centre. It was a great success- all paints, canvas, brushes were supplied with a relatively simple theme of an Owl sitting on a tree branch with the moon in the background. This project was meant for seniors that had none or very little painting experience. We had 13 participants from our small community of Fort St James, with two visitors from out of town. 

The painting workshop lasted 2.5 hours, and they all went home with their paintings and were very happy with them. I had many comments such as: “Thank you for bringing me out for the day,” Thank you, I haven’t been out for a public event for at least 2.5 years,” and “ I’m going to take up Acrylic painting” and “ I’m going to do more painting.”  

The Director of the Stuart Lake Senior Centre said, “Thank you for bringing this to the senior centre and would very much like to do more arts and culture in the future”  

I want to thank the NSG for funding this project. 

Senior myself, painting with seniors at the Senior Centre.  

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