This past summer neighbours at 1661 East 2nd were sweating in the hot sun for a number of weekends in a row. But, the subsequent refreshing drinks these neighbours shared on the new patio made it all worth it!
Thanks to the support of the Neighbourhood Small Grants, we were able to buy the used materials to build a patio in our community garden. A sad corner, covered with weeds and broken glass-filled sand once housed a tipsy, donated patio table. But we new that this corner could be improved!
After a long drive to Abbotsford to collected used patio pavers, the neighbours arrived onsite and began pounding the future social hub into place. And now, the donated patio table has stable ground to sit on.
Once installed, it was hard to walk past the patio and not see it filled with the neighbours sharing a cold drink and a funny story all summer long!
Thank you SNG!

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