On August 12, 2016, the product of a month of planning, design and construction from five Collingwood youth was launched on the front lawn of Collingwood Neighbourhood House, showcasing the possibility of what can be made from shipping pallets and a few hand tools. The project encouraged the youth to take greater ownership within Renfrew Collingwood by actively re-imagining a space that is underutilized. Using Collingwood Neighbourhood House underground parking as a makeshift workshop the process involved youth designing informal seating, constructing and eventually painting them using shipping pallets donated by Whole Foods-North Vancouver. And to celebrate their hard work, an outdoor bbq was provided for the youth at Collingwood Neighbourhood House.
Moving forward the hope is to provide Renfrew-Collingwood youth with not only more placemaking opportunities but greater capacity to actively engage in the community in the future.

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