What a great event we had!
We had a fabulous turnout of neurodiverse and neurotypical friends who came together to socialize and build relationships around a love of Pokemon!
Thanks to the neighbourhood small grant, we were able to purchase vinyl. The volunteer director of the club spent the week designing and cutting and weeding custom t-shirts for each of the children (and some of the adults!). During the event, the kids got to make their own custom tshirt with pokemon symbols, names, and the words “Pokemon Club” at the back. These shirts will build a spirit of togetherness, as the members can wear them to all our club meetings! We have left over vinyl for any future kids who join so they will feel included!
Also, the parents got to socialize and make connections. We had coffee and snacks, again because of the grant money. Fellow parents who really “get it” can be so important when you are the parent to an ASD child.
The kids in their new shirts are shown here. They seemed to really love the activity and their time with their friends.
I really feel that connections are growing and I know many kids are looking forward to our club meeting next month!
For more information on our club, please contact tiladawnpelletier@gmail.com

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