I applied in the fall of 2022 with an idea to hold a “pop up portrait” event on Quadra Island where
ANYONE could come and get a portrait of themselves at no cost. Many people cannot add that extra into their budget and I was so happy to be able to provide this for my community. I had many moms come and get photos of them with their kids ( they all said they are never in their photos due to being the one who always takes them), seniors needing a photo for social media and even a few dogs that brought
their owners. To make it accessible too many to people I set up in 4 different locations on Quadra Island so that people with mobility issues would be able to attend even if they had no car, or trouble with
certain terrain. I planned it for Jan 21, it rained…and rained and rained….. I was surprised to see how many people showed up with umbrellas and embraced the day.
My first stop was the newly built Quadra Seniors center.

Here is a comment I received from one of them:
“I really appreciate the POP UP PORTRAITS you took of my neighbours and I. Now I have a professional quality photo I can send to my distant friends and relatives. I never would have done this on my own. Many thanks”

Second location was the Blenkin Park Community Center. I did some photos at the skate park and then found some sheltered area to get out of the rain. I had 1 family, 1 mom and kids, 1 dog and owner and a few mermaids even show up.

“Also thank you so much for the paper copies! They are beautiful and I loved the
opportunity to do this. It was such a fun treat for us(and the many extra treats that Lucy much enjoyed!). “

Third location was Cape Mudge Museum to provide photos to the First Nations community. It was too rainy at that location and I made plans with two families to do on another date.
On the way to my last location I had a local artist contact me asking if I could stop at their studio and take a few photos so they could use for their social media.

My last location was Esplanade Park in Heriot Bay. I had many show up at this location!!!

“I didn’t hesitate when my niece invited my sister and I to brave it out in the pouring rain and howling winds for a free family portrait, I knew they would be great.
I was right, you captured the love we have for each other and the laughs we share as always when together. So thank you very much for having your “Quadra Pop Up Portraits”. I ‘ll treasure the photos forever and it was a fun afternoon despite the weather. …Thanks again for the Neighbourhood Small Grants funding! What a great initiative”

In total the day was a HUGE success… Thank you Campbell River Community Foundation and Neighbourhood Small Grants for making this happen, I had a blast!
I was able to provide digital links and digital images on USB, as well and 5×7 prints for everyone. I made 25 packages up for delivery.
I will defiantly be brainstorming more ideas, sharing this amazing initiative and possibly apply to do another round of POP UP PORTRAITS.
5 individual and family portraits, 4 moms who finally have a photo that includes them and their kids, 3 dogs and their wonderful owners, 2 cowboys, 1 group of rockstars and even 1 set of “naked” bike riders.

Gilakas’la Carla Duffey

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