We had a beautiful sunny evening with multiple activities unfolding.
Our potluck early in the evening was under-attended, but a few of us enjoyed dinner together at 6pm and then led into the ropemaking activity as a few others joined us. Two artists in the community taught rope making to folks, the rope made from local plants is being used for a local beatification project. The local band Legion of Flying Monkeys which features hand made wooden horns played a set and artists showed how to ripple ( seed save) the local flax crop that was grown for linen and The Iris Film Collective showed nature films that had been buried in soil for 6 months.
In total we had 17 local people out to enjoy the evening events and an additional 15 that helped make the event happen as local talent.
Advertising: as well as social media and postering the area with a large colour poster, we went door to door distributing 70 fliers for the event along Atlantic street ( our closest neighbours) as well as spent the Wednesday before at the farmers market on main street to try and pull market traffic in for the following week when we hosted our event.
Thanks for supporting our local culture!

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