In July, our local sewing club members offered two morning classes to 8 local kids. We used the grant money to purchase the fabric, notions, and snacks, and were fortunate to have the Queensborough Community Center donate the space for both days.
On the first morning, each kid picked the fabric they wanted and we each made a drawstring bag. The bags varied in size depending on what they wanted to use it for. Some wanted to use it for books, others wanted to use it for beach towels. Every single participant was able to finish their bag in the two hours. We also taught sewing skills, iron safety, and had them cut their own fabric to size.
On the second morning, we attempted pencil cases with a zipper. The results were so fabulous! Again, every person finished and had a project they were proud of. These kids were putting in ZIPPERS!! They were rockstars.
It felt great for our group to give back to the community and to see the pride that the group showed in their finished products.

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