Since I was three years old, my life has been shaped by the BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH). I was diagnosed with pityriasis lichenoides and then subsequently diagnosed with mycosis fungoides, a type of lymphoma. For these rare conditions, I receive lifetime treatment one to three times weekly in a lightbox, a rectangular box filled with UV rays that are beneficial for my skin. As I grew older, I realized that what I had wasn’t normal. However, I recognized that there were others out there like me, fighting their own battles. This is why I founded Project Lightbox, an initiative that shines light into the darkness for children navigating tough situations.

Through the YNSG grant, I’ve been enabled to reach out to various organizations, and provide support and entertainment through small Lego sets. I was able to donate Lego sets to the Richmond Paediatric Short-stay Unit, and the BC Children hospital. The $500 grant enabled me to create over 110 Lego sets, resembling cars, trucks, and planes. Lego offers a safe way to experiment with your creativity, and a great way to exercise your mind and body, even with the smallest of sets. It offers great teamwork opportunities, patience, constructive thinking, problem solving which extends far past the confines of a hospital bed. With each Project Lightbox Lego set, I aim to inspire others to reach out, giving back to their communities in their own unique way. My experience demonstrates to others that our most impeding vulnerabilities often birth our greatest strengths.

Looking back, this experience has taught me how to manage finances through my project, as well as rekindle my passion for building with Lego. In rediscovering my love for Lego, I hope to ignite a similar passion for creativity through project Lightbox in other kids.

Links to photos attached below.

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