On June 23rd, 2018 we were a busy cul da sac… We had 20 houses with anywhere from 2-6 in each family… from ages newborn – senior. It was a beautiful day to get reacquainted with our neighbors. Some we knew and some were new to all of us. We were blessed with 2 new babies in the cul da sac both being beautiful baby girls. We all sat around under a few pop up tents and told stories of how long we have lived here and some of them were there for a very long time. The older of the families had so many stories about Osoyoos that we had never heard before. It was like story time at the library haha.
We had a small pool set up for the littles to play in and for others to put their feet in. The sun was beating down pretty good that day but it never kept us from having fun. We had crafts and games for everyone and some amazing music performed by Cindy Doucette. Talk about having your very own concert…. She ROCKED IT!!
We all gathered around closer to dinner and had a big BBQ with so much food thanks to the grant. By the end of it we were all so stuffed we couldn’t move so we stayed for a bit longer and got to know each other more. After talking to everyone they had all said that this is the best idea anyone has ever had and to have a grant available for our small little cul da sac family we are truly appreciative.
We are all so close now and have each other’s back that no matter if you’re gone on holidays or just away for a while your house is always taken care of and watched over…. I’m not much of a green thumb but for some reason my flowers on my front lawn are so beautiful and growing so good … I found out my neighbor has been fertilizing them and watering when I haven’t. That’s an amazing neighbor I think 
As everyone came to the party we had set up a Food Bank area to collect our choice of donation as well!!
THANK YOU COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SOUTH OKANAGAN/SIMILKAMEEN for your amazing Neighbourhood Small Grant that has helped us become more connected to our “Cul da Sac Family”

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