Whether you’re new to the NSG program or just new to the Coordinating NSG Toolkit, this is the place to start! The following list of resources was created to provide a foundation for people who are involved in the coordination of NSG or any grassroots grantmaking program.

Sections 1.1 to 1.7

This PDF contains all the guides and foundational information to help you get started with NSG in your community.

Download Module 1 Guides (pdf)

1.1 What is Neighbourhood Small Grants
1.2 How an NSG Program Works
1.3 What is Grassroots Grantmaking?
1.4 Coordinator’s Guide to the Principles of Grassroots Grantmaking
1.5 The Benefits of Neighbourliness
1.6 Mapping Your Community
1.7 Guide to Knowledge Exchange and Skill Sharing

1.8 Getting Started: Resources & Templates

Click on the links below to download each template. You can tailor the template to suit your needs – any text in peach are suggested places for you to customize the content.

1.8.1 NSG Definitions Template (Word)

This template lists common terms used in the NSG program.

Download NSG Definitions Template (Word)

1.8.2 NSG Coordination Checklist Template (Word)

This template outlines some of the main steps involved in coordinating the NSG program throughout a granting cycle. It can be used to provide an overview of the work, as a planning tool and/or to keep track of the activities as you complete them.

Download NSG Coordination Checklist Template (Word)

1.8.3 Coordinator Expense Tracking Template (Word)

This document lists a few of the ways in which we put our principles “we learn together” and “everyone has gifts” into action by staying connected, and sharing knowledge and skills with each other. These include the online platform Basecamp, NSG Learning Days, professional development opportunities and partner meetings.

Download Coordinator Expense Tracking Template (Word)

1.8.4 What is NSG Template (Word)

This template includes an overview of the program and links for introductory information, including to the NSG videos.

Download What is NSG Template (Word)

1.8.5 How an NSG Program Works Template (Word)

This document provides an overview of the different activities involved in a granting cycle.

Download How an NSG Program Works Template (Word)

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