Our vision for this block party was to create opportunities to make the first step of meeting our neighbours accessible to everyone and to bring forward the values of sharing and listening.
Around 25 neighbours came and shared a dish and we had a BBQ meal together accompanied with music from the 50’s. Many kids also came and that was great fun for them with Norquay Park just besides us and activities like a bouncy castle, animal balloons, soccer net, face painting and chalk drawing. We had a neighborhood party bingo which broke the ice and allowed to know a little bit about each others. Small gifts were given for the winners. Everyone enjoyed a long sunny summer afternoon with each others’ company and many discovered the goodness of a block party. The Vancouver foundation was acknowledged for the generous grant that allowed the event to take place. I was surprised by everyone’s generosity and their willingness to help out. However, one elderly lady won the trophy of generosity: as she came to learn about the block party, she went back home to bring us a full bag of recently handpicked prunes from her garden!
On a personal note, I learned to gain a greater appreciation for my neighborhood and to care for my neighbours. I believe these feelings are also shared by all who participated and I hope more ripple effect as we host another block party next year!

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